Case Study: Website Lead Generation – Thompson Tree Service

Case Study: Website Lead Generation – Thompson Tree Service

We generated 85 qualified leads in 1 month



Get the phone ringing and generate website contact form leads from local online searches.




Through tests and trials of website development, we know what converts traffic into leads. We simply implemented these tactics into the design of the site for the specific industry it was being created for.


We ranked the website in popular search engines such as Google for keywords that would drive potential customers to the site. Due to the site being optimized for conversions, much of this traffic turned into leads.


Using software, all qualified leads went directly to the business owner and his team.


    • Generated 85 qualified leads in 30 days.
    • Increased close rate due to leads being high quality and extremely qualified
Case Study: Social Media Marketing – Latah Creek Winery

Case Study: Social Media Marketing – Latah Creek Winery

CAMPAIGN DATE: February 1st to February 28th



  • Grow overall brand awareness on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Increase total social media engagement and conversation with consumers



Optimize Social Platforms

We recognized the need for the Latah Creek brand to be more consistent throughout all of their social platforms. In order to make the brand’s digital footprint more cohesive, we tailored each social media bio, ensured a fitting call-to-action was implemented, and double-checked that all platforms were verified. After this, we made sure that all socials and digital properties were interlinked.


Build Out Tailored Content Strategy

After optimizing all social platforms, we pieced together a content plan that resonated and engaged the brand’s target audience. We brainstormed what type of content ideas to post on each specific network based on which audience(s) exists where. From there, we built a social media schedule to optimize posts for times of highest engagement per platform. We wanted to ensure we were hitting the right audience with the right content at the right time.


Create Strategic Content

At this point, we took our plans and began to execute. We did this by fully submerging ourselves in the Latah Creek brand, getting to know the people behind the brand, and creatively capturing the value that the brands brings to their consumers and potential customers. Our main goal here was to humanize the brand.


Engage With Consumers

We noticed a big problem with other local businesses in the area – they weren’t consistently engaging with their user base online. Because of this, we made an effort to closely monitor social activity surrounding the brand in order to grow an engaged following. On Facebook, we made it a point to be quick to respond to all likes, comments and shares. On Instagram, our focus included connecting with industry leaders and garnering a local following. On Twitter, we boosted sharing activity and regularly checked for opportunities to engage with trending hashtags.



In one month, we garnered the following results from our social media efforts…

  • 159 Total Pageviews (+238%)
  • 53 Page Likes (+212%)
  • Reached 6,930 users (+16%)
  • 1,722 Post Engagements (+33%)
  • 589 New Followers
  • 9,302 Total Impressions
  • Reached 6,555 users
  • 9,702 Impressions
  • 251 Profile Visits
  • 25 Mentions
  • 729 Sessions (+514%)
  • 541 Users (+1,032%)
  • 1,389 Pageviews (+406%)


Through proper social media marketing, in one month we increased Latah Creek Winery’s brand awareness, brand engagement, and online community through various networks. Not only has this equated to an increase in web traffic, but also increased sales and positive brand reviews.

Case Study: Google Adwords – Thomas Roofing

Case Study: Google Adwords – Thomas Roofing

We took inbound search leads from 0 to 9 per week in under 3 months.

Marketing Challenge

Get the phone ringing and generate website contact form leads from local online searches.


We created a highly targeted Google Adwords campaign as well as a marketing-driven landing page with full Adwords and CallRail lead tracking. Our team continuously monitored what keywords and search phrases were driving traffic to the landing pages. From there we aligned the landing pages to convert traffic into leads from optimized search terms. Once the campaign had momentum we simply tracked calls and submissions and tweaked keywords and the landing pages as we saw fit.


    • Increased qualified roofing leads from 0 to 9 per week in 3 months.
    • Reduced their average cost per lead from $48 to $24 per lead
    • On track to generate 468 new leads per year

Tools We Used

  • Adwords
  • Unbounce Landing Pages
  • Callrail Phone Call Tracking
How To Write Content For Your Website That Will Set You Apart

How To Write Content For Your Website That Will Set You Apart

Austin Damon, Head of Marketing

July 15th, 2016

website content

Did you know that in America alone, there are over 28 million small business?

More and more of these businesses are acquiring websites each and everyday! This means, more competition in your local market and less room for error.

It is extremely crucial for you to have your website preforming as a well oiled machine. It will make your job easier.

A website should both generate leads and represent your brand in an accurate and powerful manner.

One simple way to achieve this is through the content on your web pages. Yep, just the words themselves.

Content is king, and if you don’t believe me just look on social media and on the Internet. All people want to do is consume information or entertainment and share it.

So, lets stop with the blabbing and get right to it. Here are some amazing tips that will help you create outstanding, unique and sharable content for your website or for any web property for that matter.

And trust me, this will put you way ahead of your competition.


1. Always start off with a headline


Change your websites headline accordingly to the niche you are in.

Example: “The Best [Service] in [City]” – You can obviously use many varieties here, it is just important you specify what you do and where you are located.

This allows the viewer to be assured they are dealing with the proper business and it helps your ranking within the search engines.


2. Give a statement that gives you credibility


Tell your potential customers who you are and why they should care.

Do this right under the headline so it is one of the first things your web visitor sees.


3. Make bulleted number lists to convey your message


People prefer to read a numbered list instead of paragraph after paragraph. People are curious by nature and want to see what comes next in a list.

Lists are easier on the eyes and allow people to better skim.

Jot down the top 10 things that set your business apart and are at the core of your brand.

Bold the first, most important point of that bullet/number. Eyes are drawn automatically to bold and people will always read it.

Make sure to keep the bolded text short otherwise it will devalue the content.


4. Use as many synonyms as you can in your content


This will allow Google to pick up variations of what you do and represent. It also makes you sound smarter.

At the same time write naturally. Don’t write your content so that it sounds goofy simply because you are trying to rank for keywords and stuff them in your website.


5. Longer more comprehensive content will be worth the added time and energy


You don’t want to have so much content on your website that it confuses and overwhelms people. But, enough content allows you to scoop up more long tail keywords and search phrases from an SEO standpoint.


6. Make your text easy on the eyes


  • Short paragraphs.
  • Short sentences.
  • High resolution pictures.
  • Don’t need to make site look all gaudy and sloppy, keep it simple.
  • White background with black font.
  • Maximum of two fonts, one for headlines and one for text.

most persuasive words


7. Clear consistent call to action


Make sure you make it very clear as to what you want your website visitors to do. If you want them to call, then tell them to do so.

If you want them to view your recent project portfolio, then direct them to that specific page.

Every page should have a phone number. Nearly every page should have a quote or contact form as well. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you.


8. Your content has to be unique


If content is not unique and it is copied from another web page or blog, search engines will penalize you and you won’t generate traffic.

Make sure you don’t use the same content on all pages within your website. Switch it up on every page otherwise Google will think it’s weak content.

Sounds like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people do this. Even web designers!

You can steal sentences you like from other web properties, just paraphrase and rewrite.


9. Let your content flow


Just write and get your thoughts down and then keep going back and editing. Don’t get stuck.

Jot down what you know represents and conveys the core of your business, concept or idea and roll with it.


10. Find your voice


Be real and personal. No one likes reading text written by a robot.

Try to speak to your ideal customers and target market.

As you can see that is what I am doing here. Yes this content is applicable for anyone who wants to write just about anything. But I am tailoring it to people who own a business or are starting a business.


11. Leverage sense-based descriptors when writing


Use all 5 senses when writing:

  • Feel
  • Sound
  • Taste
  • Look
  • Smell

Ask yourself as you describe something. How does it feel? Sound? Taste? Smell? Look?


12. Annihilate your verbs


This takes you from “me too” to “bomb diggity”

Do the first draft of your writing and then go back and identify verbs and “annihilate them”.

Example: Instead of “lose belly fat” you say “obliterate belly fat”

The more uncommon you can be the more you will draw attention and the more conversions you will generate. People are tired of being bored when reading about businesses.


13. Murder you Metaphors


Make bold, fun and unique comparisons and metaphors.

It causes people to share, like and consume your content. That is what all businesses want… Shared content because it’s FREE!


14. Avoid cliches


Do not say things everyone says. This makes you so average and no different from your competition.

Think purple cow. Be a purple care where everyone will stop and look at you. Nobody cares about bland.


15. Become an alliteration expert


Obviously you want to be professional but when you can be personal and playful with your content, mix some of this in. People will appreciate you for it and be more likely to interact with what you have to offer.

Example: Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Mighty Mouse, Buffalo Bills.


16. Place a final call to action at the end of each web page


In case someone does read all your content and goes to the very bottom of your web page, have a contact form and phone number located there.

Have a call to action at the bottom as well. This way they don’t just bounce off your site. This acts as a safety net.

Sounds simple but you have to assume people have no idea what they are doing. You have to direct them.




More people read your content than you think when they are on your website. Yes we live in a busy world, but people like to consume information and share it.

By following this plan of how to write your content, you will stand out and you will have a much higher chance of generating new customers online!

These strategies and concepts were given to me from an Internet millionaire who copywrites for a living. So trust me when I say, this stuff works.

As usual, feel free to reach out to the Wake Digital team for guidance or help. We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback or questions.

6 Reasons You MUST Have A Google Business Listing

6 Reasons You MUST Have A Google Business Listing

Austin Damon, Head of Marketing
July 1st, 2016

google my business - wake digital

All you business owners and managers out there. Do you like making it easier on your potential customers to find you and to learn about what you have to offer?

I hear a resounding YES.

Well Google My Business (also called Google Places) is an extremely easy and completely free way to do that.

To be completely blunt with you, if you have not created and verified your business listing with Google, you are BEHIND!

In this article we give 5 specific and concrete reasons as to why you must have a your business information submitted to Google.


1. There Are 40,000 Google Search Queries Per Second

Google is the #1 search engine in the world. There are 3.5 billion searches in a day worldwide.

A good portion of these are happening at a local level. If you are not taking advantage of what Google has to offer, then you are missing out on thousands of new viewers per month.

There are multiple ways to be seen in the Google’s powerful search engine: Paid ads, organic search and Google My Business Listings, potentially the most lucrative of the three.


2. It Puts You In Control Of Your Brand

Whether you like it or not, things will be said about your company on the Internet. By having a Google Business listing, you can control the way your brand is conveyed through Google’s search engine.

This platform offers you the ability to display a significant amount of photos and information about your local business. What business owner does not want to be in the drivers seat when producing content about their brand?


3. More Views To Your Website

Not only do you get more eyeballs looking at your Google Business info, but you get way more clicks and interaction with your website. Google allows you to connect your website directly on your GMB listing.

This allows someone to search for a phrase in the search bar, see the businesses that are close by, view the listing they like and then click the website icon.

Of course, this means you want your website to be up to date, mobile responsive and highly optimized, but that is a whole different subject matter for another time.

Basically what I am telling you is that, Google Business Listings are the easiest and most inexpensive to drive relevant traffic to your company. Don’t miss out and let your competitors gobble up all the digital market share.


4. You Can Encourage & Maintain Reviews

88% of people trust Google & Yelp reviews just as much as a referral from a close friend. That is mind blowing but it just shows where our world is heading.

We live in such a digital age.If you, as a business owner and entrepreneur aren’t willing to embrace change then the reputation of your business will be left in the dust.

Or worse, it will be tarnished and portrayed in a negative manner. Through having a GMB account, you are able to push for positive reviews and respond to any negative ones.

Why does all this matter so much?

Well put yourself in your customers shoes. If they are just searching online, they are going to trust the business with the most reviews and gold stars on their listing simply because they are unbiased from other consumers.

If you don’t have time to manage this, then hire someone to take care of it for you. Not paying close attention to your reputation online is dangerous territory. Going the extra mile here will be worth it.


5. The Internet Is The #1 Way Local Businesses Are Found

Over 60% of local customers use online search engines and directories as their main way to find local business.

74% of all Internet users consistently search on a local level. This means well over half of all consumers in the world are most comfortable finding a business they want to serve their needs online.

Paper Ads are a thing of the past and are only going to disappear even more. If you aren’t okay with this then generating new business will be difficult for you in the future.


6. Unbelievable ROI

There is little wasted exposure on this platform. You also have the ability to optimize your listing for the exact search terms and keywords your potential clients will be using when searching for you.

You can reach your potential customers on their computers, mobile devices and tablets. Tracking how many views, clicks and calls your Google Business Listing gets is a piece of cake.

There has never been a better time to own a business. The ability to put your marketing dollar to maximum efficiency is more possible than ever before.

Take action with Google and get your business listed and claimed ASAP if you already haven’t. You won’t regret your doing so.


If you need help creating and verifying your Google My Business Listing, shoot us an email today! We would be glad to help for no charge! 

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